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Kids Seatbelt Socks are made from our favorite PUL waterproof fabric surrounding a soft flex foam fabric stabilizer with a velcro closure. Kids sizes fit perfectly over carseat straps.

The adult versions are made with any soft feeling fun pattern fabric which also surrounds the flex foam fabric stabilizer and a velcro closure.

Seatbelt Socks

  • Care instructions

    Machine wash in warm water.

    Occasionally use hot water for extra sanitation.

    You can also add non-chlorine bleach, but limit how much you used to avoid fading or breakdown of PUL. (PUL-polyurethane laminate fabric is the outer layer of the diaper and is a fabric that is waterproof to create a barrier from wet diapers to clothes and other surfaces

    **Do not use fabric softeners or other additives.**

    After washing, line dry or tumble dry on a low setting

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