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A homemade reuseable solution to Mother Natures Monthly visitor. Our Mops “Pads” are 13” long and made with:

Top layer

Minky Dots


Zorb silver antimicrobial

Cotton Batting

PUL Dimple Zorb

Outer layer

Sandwiched by Bamboo Fleece

The wings are made from

Knit fabric interior

PUL waterproof layer to keep clothes clean

Closes with a snap to hold onto underwear and put away discreetly when finished.

Overnight Menstrual Mop

  • Care instructions

    Machine wash in warm water.

    Occasionally use hot water for extra sanitation.

    You can also add non-chlorine bleach, but limit how much you used to avoid fading or breakdown of PUL. (PUL-polyurethane laminate fabric is the outer layer of the diaper and is a fabric that is waterproof to create a barrier from wet diapers to clothes and other surfaces

    **Do not use fabric softeners or other additives.**

    After washing, line dry or tumble dry on a low setting

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